Stephen PPH

Hi Stephen

The website is in Polish and English. Please do for me English version only:)

Main keywords: steam punk shelves. industrial bookshelves, steampunk paintings, industrial coat hooks hangers, … look at the pictures:)

Here is what I need:

(1) “About” -150 words


link to Facebook page of my friend he is doing paintings as well maybe it will inspire :

Example text translated from Polish “about” but write what you like or make it English:

Full Loft is an English-Polish project, which was fascinated by industrial style and steampunk in early 2017. When deciding to create a steampunk-style thing, let’s get inspired by our “Full Attic”, from which we draw inspiration, Enchanting reality and start a passionate adventure in a small basement and small garage. We offer you items and inspirational additions that are created with passion and fascination. Aesthetics is a harsh industrial style in which furniture is inspired by the design of old industrial furniture.

(2) “Bespoke” – 150 words


There is sample text but change it please . I took it from another website.

(3)”How it’s made” -150 words


There will be few pictures with description how we do it . The pictures are not ready yet but it will be similar.

First few words introduction on top -about 100 words and next(few words about each point):

  1. Choosing and preparing  wood
  2. Painting wood
  3. Preparing pipes cleaning pipes and painting
  4. mounting pipes and flanges
  5. putting it all together
  6. and finally we have…

(4) Product descriptions (better category desc…)

Please look at the link:

They have 4 categories and I need 4 product descriptions but not for specific product but only for category so I can use in many products of the same category.( I hope you understood this sentence)

If you look at the product page there is 2 desc: short under price and longer under product at all. I need 2 very short phrases in short description and 100 words in long. and all multiply  all categories which are:

  1. SteamPunk (industrial) Shelving
  2. SteamPunk (industrial) Paintings
  3. SteamPunk (industrial) Lighting
  4. SteamPunk (industrial) Hooks and Hangers